Carolina Di Bisceglie
Process Mining Consultant

Carolina Di Bisceglie

Process Mining Consultant

Kind, Communicative, Driven


As a Consultant, I enjoy carrying out end-to-end projects that enable corporations to derive value and take action based on their data. As a Data Scientist, I thrive on picking apart complex analytical problems and finding functional solutions for them. As a person, I derive motivation from interacting with clients and colleagues; listening, learning and helping them grow.


Data Science Post Master, Jheronimus Academy for Data Science (JADS), NL
Chemical Engineer, State University of Campinas (Unicamp), BR


Was part of the Business Analytics department within KPMG Netherlands. There, I worked on projects across Supply Chain Optimization, Continuous Control Monitoring and, more prevalently, Process Mining.


“I like that which challenges me. That which is easy never interested me. Yet, that which is obviously impossible has always attracted me, a lot.”

Clarice Lispector