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Whether you are new to Process Mining and interested in learning more or if you are already an advanced Process Miner looking for the next steps in your Process Mining journey, DataLane can help you! We believe that knowledge is power and it even more powerful when it's shared! We offer various Process Mining courses, for the beginner to the advanced Process Miner. Our courses are designed by experienced specialists with an extensive track record and can be followed both online and offline.

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DataLane Academy

Knowledge is power, but it is much more powerful when it is shared. Our Process Mining courses are designed by experienced specialists to help you understand and apply the technology. DataLane offers many options, both online and in person.

Choosing the Right Training Track

We have developed several training courses for each level. Each training can be customized to individual needs.

It doesn't matter if you have just started your Process Mining journey or if you're a seasoned professional that drove implementations for more than one system.

We are sure you can find the training track that can help you to level up. 

Standard vs Custom Trainings

There are some pre-built training offerings per each level. Each Training option can be tailored with respect to the specific use case and customized on request. 

If you can not find the relevant training track or would like more detailed information, feel free to contact us.

Our 5 Level Program:

  1. I am new to Process Mining 
    Are you new to Process Mining and would you like to learn more? Discover our Introduction training tracks to learn the basics.
  2. I am taking my first steps 
    Are you at the start of your Process Mining journey and perhaps preparing your first project plan? Discover our Beginner training tracks to achieve the best results.
  3. I am implementing Process Mining 
    Are you already familiar with Process Mining and have an ongoing implementation? Discover our Intermediate training tracks to learn more.
  4. I am an advanced Process Miner
    Are you an experienced Process Miner and would like to take Process Mining to the next level that within your organization? Discover our Advanced training tracks to elevate your skills.
  5. I am a Process Mining Ninja
    Want to innovate through Process MIning? Let's discuss our Process Mining Super Advanced offerings. 

Our Courses

  • Basics
  • Advanced
  • Optional

Process Mining 101

If you're new to process mining, this brief introduction is the perfect opportunity to gain a basic understanding of how process mining works and can be applied

Process Selection

If you want to learn more about which processes to start off with, this course will share ideas and approaches on how to choose the best process candidate(s)

Vendor Selection

Coming soon...