Our Values

DataLane’s company values are our symbolic compass. It is the glue that makes our group function together towards shared goals. On this page you’re able to find more about our core values

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We inspire and motivate

In our projects we believe that, for solutions to be sustainable, customers should be highly engaged. This means that customers need to learn how to apply process mining themselves through our Academy. Parallel to the implementation of a project we help customers with questions that arise during their process mining learning journey. We do this so we know when we finish a project, we leave the tooling in very capable hands.­

We drive value for customers

At DataLane we go beyond customer expectations. Nearly always, we see there is a lot ‘hidden value’ within client’s processes. By visualizing processes and leveraging our experience, gained during the many years we work with process mining, we find optimization opportunities that were not anticipated or counted upon. By proactively coaching the client through their journey we maximize the value realized now and in the future.

We are eager to learn

To stay best-in-class and guarantee that we can keep providing superb solutions for our customers, all Datalaners are yearly certified for the Celonis Process Mining technology. Also, we proactively search for and attend events where the latest ideas, solutions and technologies are shared. Not only do we like to learn, we also like to inspire others to keep learning. For more information on how we do this, see also our Academy.

We act with integrity

In today’s day and age data is key. Client data is highly valuable and, in some cases, form the very essence of a company. To be able to make changes in processes and way of working, we need a customer to trust us. We ensure the keep shared data highly secured. At Datalane we like no-nonsense long-term customer relationships, where there is a sound basis for innovation and collaboration. Integrity is at the heart of our firm and colleagues.

We constantly innovate

At DataLane we work on the most interesting cases and problems in the fields of process mining, data analytics, process optimization and operation research. We excite and dare each other to try new things and to go the extra distance to provide the best solution for our customers. We excel in custom solutions that are on the edge of what is possible within process mining and redefine what is possible within the current technologies.

We value happy DataLaners

Our colleagues inspire, innovate, are eager to learn, act with integrity and drive customer value. At Datalane we take care of them. We want our experts to be able to perform to the best of their abilities and we realize this by ensuring an environment where there is room for (personal) growth, transparency, honest communication, fun and collaboration.

Why Choose DataLane?

Total Solution in Process Excellence 

Everything is connected, so we commit ourselves to the entire process. From strategic analysis to process mining, from realization, evaluation and further improvement: we are the only partner you need to maximize business performance.  

Celonis Platinum Certified Partner

Celonis is the number one process mining software. Our connection to Celonis goes back to 2014. Not only are we a Platinum Partner we have delivered the most use cases in the EMEA region.

Process Mining Center of Excellence

With 20+ experts and a dedicated innovation lab we specialize in analyzing and improving non-standard processes and IT systems. We have built an ecosystem of top-level clients, partners and colleagues that can take on any challenge.