Process Adherence Checker || PAC

DataLane’s Process Adherence Checker adds flexibility and scalability for complex processes in your journey to Process Adherence. It integrates seamlessly with your (existing) Celonis dashboards. PAC improves your internal control framework’s quality, reduces manual checking allows for non-sequential checking, brings focus to your control framework, provides you with options for pro-active steering.

The Power of Process Adherence

PAC Proof of Value

  • Step 1: Select Process & Business Rules
  • Step 2: Create Process Checks
  • Step 3: Prepare & Present Report Out

Joint Business Rule Intake

  1. Together, we will select the process that you want to monitor
  2. We make sure that the business rules are clear, data driven & measurable
  3. We discuss scope and expectations

Develop and Validate Process Checks

  1. Next, we create the PAC process checks, which will monitor the adherence in an Agile approach
  2. We validate and refine the process checks with you throughout the POV
  3. We will discuss the findings and gain insights on your process adherence

Create Compelling Business Case

  1. Together we build the PAC business case from POV results
  2. We provide a management report out on the POV
  3. Discuss next steps & let the journey to adherence begin!


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