Innovation Lab

We are always on the look-out for latest trends and technologies. Whenever we spot something interesting, we examine how we can turn it into added value for our clients. We do this in our very own Innovation Lab: a creative environment for the generation and development of ground-breaking innovative ideas.

In the DataLane Innovation Lab we get to step out of the day-to-day routine and explore things with a much wider horizon.

Start Innovating

A playground for the data minded

Whenever a challenge seems too complex or farfetched to realize, the good people of our Innovation Lab get excited. In here, a selected number of researchers and process miners from DataLane work together freely and fiercely with academia and companies at the forefront of innovation. Using data from a participating company allows us to quickly build a prototype and if there is a market for it, turn it into an on-the-shelve solution. 

What is the DataLane Innovation Lab? 

The Innovation Lab is all about crossing borders and thinking outside the box. Innovation can take many forms and start with many ideas, but the actual process is pretty straight forward.

Putting theory into practice

DataLane is recognized as a process mining center of expertise by academia and clients alike. Aside from being a Celonis Platinum Partner, our Innovation Lab has partnerships with TU Eindhoven and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU). This has led to several promising use cases, such as  PAC: the Process Adherence Checker.  

A unique way of automatically analyzing processes based on input from process experts​, which is ideal for checking compliance and process adherence. Please send us a message if you would like to receive updates from our innovation lab.



The process of innovation

Any innovation goes through the same three phases:

1. Spontaneous ideation: this is an ongoing process. A new idea can come from anyone at DataLane, but also from one of the universities we work with or a client looking to really move forward.­

2. Rapid prototyping: we like to rapidly turn a great idea into a proof of concept. Within 2 to 4 weeks, we create an actual prototype.

3. Productizing: turning a promising prototype into a product usually takes somewhere between 3 to 15 months.



Straight from our lab

DataLane has implemented numerous use cases at a wide range of customers and industries. In this section you can find a variety of use cases. Click to learn about the challenges, solutions and business value that we have been able to create for our clients.

Mining Multiple Processes

DataLane implemented eight core processes and provided profound insights and improvement opportunities

Read use case

Mining Web Analytics

Process mining was applied to get insights into customer behaviour by analyzing the the visitor’s web journey on its company websites

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Do you have a challenging business problem?

During our three week quick scan we can leverage our Innovation Lab to prototype a solution that solves your business problem.

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