Smart Task and Planning Tool (STAP) Use Case

Our Smart Task and Planning tool (STAP) is a cutting-edge solution that transforms task allocation and daily planning into a seamless and automated process.


Managing daily planning and task allocation efficiently is crucial for any business, but the existing system at this client faced significant challenges. The client is a major player in the telecommunications field, and the team deals with the network delivery process. The reliance on Excel files scattered across multiple sheets led to a lack of clarity and manual effort in allocating tasks. The process was time-consuming, requiring an hour per day, and was based on an unstable database for task input. Additionally, planning was driven by team capacity rather than aligning with Service Level Agreements (SLA's), introducing inefficiencies and potential service gaps


To address these challenges, we implemented our Smart Task and Planning tool (STAP), a cutting-edge solution that transforms task allocation and daily planning into a seamless and automated process. The transition from a scattered Excel-based approach to a unified and clear overview in Celonis has streamlined the entire workflow. The allocation of tasks to team-members is now automated, considering factors such as VIP client status, team skillsets, team availability, and order SLA's. This automation not only saves valuable time—reducing daily planning efforts to zero hours—but also ensures a reliable input task allocation from trusted databases

Besides the automated task allocation, the other functionalities include automatic order allocation, enhancing efficiency further. Teams have the flexibility to sign off on tasks, providing an up-to-date overview of their remaining workload for the day. Additional features include dashboarding sheets with relevant task information, the option for manual task re-assignment, and insightful KPIs to monitor team performance.  

3 Teams
Rely on Daily Planning using STAP
>750 Hours
Saved in Management Planning

Value Created

The adoption of Celonis brings a multitude of benefits to our workflow and overall operational efficiency. The automatic task and order allocation reduce the need for manual intervention, freeing up valuable time for more strategic endeavors. With a trusted database as the input source, including information from their e-mail inboxes, the system ensures data accuracy and reliability. Proactive task allocation based on SLA's ensures that priorities are aligned with client expectations, enhancing customer satisfaction

The ability for teams to sign off on tasks provides transparency and allows for real-time tracking of workload distribution. Dashboarding sheets and KPI insights offer a comprehensive view of team performance, enabling data-driven decision-making. The overall result is not just a solution to the existing challenges but a transformation that maximizes productivity, minimizes manual effort, and elevates the precision and responsiveness of the task allocation and daily planning processes. 

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