The road to success is paved with data

At DataLane we love data and the power it holds. We knowhow the secrets to optimizing your business are hidden deep within your company’s systems. When we roll up our sleeves and start mining your business – that is when the real magic happens. 

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When things get complex, we get busy

Clients recognize just how passionate we are about what we do, and that is why, when things get complex, they turn to us to build customized solutions for unique situations. Our specialty is analyzing and improving non-standard processes and IT systems. It is our unique expertise and out-of-the-box-solutions that enable us to attract top talent amongst data scientists and consultants, fostering an ecosystem of top-level clients, partners, and colleagues. There are many roads ahead, but there is only one DataLane.

3 locations: ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL), Munich (DE), and Verona (IT) | 20+ experts in engineering, data science, operations research and strategic management.

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Process Mining Center of Excellence

At DataLane, it is our ambition to establish an environment in which we can become a leading Center of Excellence for Process Mining. Since 2014 we have been accumulating knowledge and experience, as well as providing contributions to the development of Process Mining as a field of expertise. Today we are not only proud to be a Celonis Platinum Partner, but also maintain strong relationships with other Process Mining vendors. We utilize these tools whilst working for clients such as ASML, Coca-Cola European Partners, T- Mobile NL, Signify and Asics. When there is a problem to solve, a process to improve, an innovation to accelerate or business intelligence to boost, we are ready.

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Putting data to work

Our focuses are centered around close customer collaboration, clear communication and adopting a best practice project methodology we call “DataLaning”. We have proven repeatedly that DataLaning delivers the best results, maximizing both business performance and revenue whilst simultaneously improving the customer experience. Anyone can simply collect and analyze data. However, where our added value lies is knowing how to unlock its full potential and translating this into pragmatic, profitable insights. That is our strength.

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Building expertise

Our organization is designed around continuous improvement. To facilitate this, we formed our own Innovation Lab. Within it, we develop our own software, tools, and methodologies to remain at the forefront of Process Mining. Working in close collaboration with universities and academic researchers we construct concrete use cases and help further develop process mining as a discipline. Of course, our customers also benefit directly from the innovations we champion.

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Opening up process mining to the world

As it stands, process mining remains a tool which only the largest companies can implement. However, we believe that it should be available to all. Therefore, we are embarking on the challenge of making process mining more widely accessible. Through our Innovation Lab we are investigating new use cases, developing advanced tools and innovating new technologies to open up process mining to more and more companies. Process mining is the way forward.

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