The road to success is paved with data

At DataLane we achieve data driven insights from our expertises. These are linked to proven optimization techniques to identify inefficiencies and improve your processes quickly and effectively.

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Pushing the boundaries of process analytics

Better processes lead to better business results. That is why many leading international clients such as ASML, Coca-Cola European Partners and T-Mobile NL keep coming back to us with new challenges to solve.  

In addition to being a proud Celonis Certified Platinum Partner, we also contribute to the field of process management through our very own Innovation Lab.

Our specialty is analyzing and improving non-standard processes and IT systems. We attract top talent amongst data scientists and consultants. This fosters an ecosystem of top-level clients, partners, and colleagues.

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The Innovation Lab

Our organization is designed around continuous improvement. That's why we have formed our own Innovation Lab, which drives new advancements in software, tools, and technologies that help us remain at the forefront of Process Mining. 

In addition to developing our own proprietary solutions, we work closely with leading universities and academic researchers to construct concrete use cases and further develop process mining as a discipline. Our dedication to innovation benefits our customers directly, enabling us to deliver advanced solutions that help them achieve their goals and remain competitive in the market. 

Our Innovation Lab is open to partnerships with companies that are committed to pushing the boundaries of Process Analytics and are striving for state-of-the-art solutions. With our expertise and resources, we can help you stay ahead of the competition and achieve long-term success through data-driven decision-making. 

Join us at DataLane's Innovation Department and discover the transformative power of innovation for your business. 

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Process Mining Center of Excellence

At DataLane, it is our ambition to establish an environment in which we can become a leading Center of Excellence for Process Mining. Since 2014 we have been accumulating knowledge and experience, as well as providing contributions to the development of Process Mining as a field of expertise. When there is a problem to solve, a process to improve, an innovation to accelerate or business intelligence to boost, we are ready.

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