Web Analytics Use Case

By using process mining the customer journey can be visualized. The steps that customers go through while interacting with the website are tracked. The client can keep track of what (potential) customers actually do on their website(s) and act accordingly.

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For a leading (health) tech company their online offering is a showcase of their innovative vision. Not only a reflection of its products, also being part of a digital transformation. In collaboration with the client we have implemented process mining to keep track of their online web user journey. The intent was to fully understand customer behaviour and adapt marketing strategies to the client demand. Moreover, to improve the self-service experience of users on their websites. This should all result in an increased conversion rate of their websites.


The events that happened online, needed to be transformed into an 'event-log' format. This was quite demanding, as the type of clicks vary on every website and are done across the world. It was crucial to select meaningful events in order to draw the right conclusions from the data. Therefore, we started small and increasingly added more and more business events.

Value Created

By using process mining for web analytics, our client was now able to distinguish wat type of web users visited their websites organically, via paid search or by referral. They could also analyze which combinations of marketing funnels were used in their customer journey. That could also be related to the final conversion rate. As a next step the different marketing campaigns could be benchmarked to compare their successfullness. This led to a shift in marketing budget to persuade customers to make their next possible purchase.

100 Percent
Transparency Gained
>15 Billion

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