Strategic Consulting

How to execute successful Process Mining projects? Our Process Mining consultants are often asked by our clients: “What is the million dollar question that we will solve?”

Start Driving Value

The importance of proper consulting

Most companies are already running inhouse improvement initiatives trying to optimize processes and keeping a focus on customer intimacy. With todays Process Mining technology each company now has the option to factually track what is actually happening in the company. No longer randomly on a limited data set, but on a full data set.

Every case that runs through the process can be analyzed and even pro-actively adjusted to achieve the desired process outcome. This offers great opportunities and with today’s Process Mining technology the possibilities of achieving business value are endless. However, this is also immediately the pitfall for many Process Mining programs. Random decisions to start with a process implementation are made based on e.g. available data, resources, size or complexity of the process. Without setting clear goals and targets you can run Process Mining programs for years without achieving any significant results.

How can we drive significant business value?

The answer lays in proper preparations before actually starting:

  • Do you have clear how the Process Mining technology can contribute to your strategic challenges?
  • Did you properly prepare ways of working and structured your organization to embed the technology?
  • Do you have clear goals and targets where and how Process Mining can support you in driving value?

One answer to the million dollar question cannot be given for most organizations. However today's Process Mining technology not only provides you with the transparency and insights in your process and business. It also offers a vast variety of features to actively follow up on these insights. This allows for continuous monitoring and automatic actions taken by the Process Mining solution when inefficiencies in the process occur and pro-actively facilitate a better process outcome. By solving your strategic challenges and proper embedding of Process Mining in your organization you can achieve multi-million dollar savings.

How to identify a suitable process for Process Mining?

In order to select the right process we first need to get an understanding of the strategic goals and challenges of an organization. Identify opportunities in the organization and learn the underlying processes where Process Mining can support in value realization.

In the preparation of the Process Mining program we start with different strategic workshops following our own developed methodology and identifying a suitable business case.

Our team of Process Mining experts has over 10 years of Process Mining implementation experience with a proven track record at the largest international clients like Shell, ASML, Coca-Cola and many more. Based on our experience we have developed a proven best practice methodology supported with inhouse software developments to execute successful Process Mining programs. A successful Process Mining program starts with our four step approach.

How does our four step approach work?

The first step in is conducting ‘Strategic Fit Workshops’.

Together with you we determine:

  • The strategic initiatives, goals and business challenges;
  • Understand the process and the data scope;
  • Clear process mining goals.


Deliverable: List of  strategic objectives translated in Process Mining goals.

The second step is conducting ‘Organizational Fit Workshops’.

Together with you we determine:

  • The organizational setup, commitment of resources and communication schedules;
  • An operating model to define the approach from ‘Project intake’ to ‘Monitoring’.
  • Define responsibilities for value realization approach.


Deliverable: Organizational framework and operating model.

The third step is conducting ‘Business Requirements & Scoping Workshop’.

Together with you we determine:

  • Define detailed Use Cases with the UC template provided;
  • Prioritized list of Use Cases by the business


Deliverable: Overall list of user stories & KPI definitions.

The fourth step is conducting ‘Technical Assessment Use Cases’.

Together with you we determine:

  • The required data per Use Case;
  • Agreement on time frame to be analyzed, organization units included, data load frequency, filters and dimensions necessary for analysis;
  • Project plan of approach is signed off by the customer to start the next phase.


Deliverable: Overview of required data and plan going forward.



Do you need strategic support?

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