DataLane Summer Cabin Weekend

Our DataLane Summer Cabin Weekend is an important annual team activity which takes place each September. Each year two or three DataLaners organize the whole weekend for the team. 

How did we spend this weekend?

Active Teambuilding on the Beach 

As a teambulding activity this year we had choosen the Expedition Robinson on the beach. The Expedition has a variety of assignments pertain to strength, tactic, knowledge, confidence and teamwork!

Creative Time Together

Apart from active adventures, we also did think of a creative spirit and spent the Friday evening with drinks at epoxy workshop. Making art together is so much fun! 

Semi-Annual Heisessie

Last day we also reserved some time to discuss our half a year results and progress as a team, thinking what we have achieved and what we can do better. This is important part of the continious DataLane improvement!