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The world's NO.1 air conditioning company
Daikin’s Story
Daikin, a global leader in climate control solutions, delivering innovative and environmental responsible products to businesses and end-consumers, decided to implement process mining on their P2P process to achieve higher efficiency and increase process transparency and standardization.
Limited insight into the as-is process, current inefficiencies, and standardization while this is required to meet Daikin’s goals.
DataLane has implemented Celonis on Daikin’s European P2P process using DataLane’s project approach, providing fact-based insights into the P2P process and focusing on areas with highest importance based on Daikin’s corporate goals and current challenges.
Value Created
Implemented and performed value creation workshops on 5 use cases, showing Daikin which actions to take to improve in these areas and what improvement can be made.
Enabled Daikin team to start leveraging process mining for continuous process optimization by identifying inefficiencies and selecting the right actions to take.


Thanks to Process Mining, Daikin has started their journey in taking data-driven decisions to make the procurement process more efficient.