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We are a visionary and dynamic startup that bridges the gap between top management, business and IT, and exceeds customers' expectations in Business Transformation using mathematical models and Data Science techniques. We believe that this is to be accomplished by combining structural minds with creativity and social skills.
We aim for a diverse team; the best of all worlds. Therefore, we do not hire to fit you in a position, we design a position for you as a unique individual, leveraging your personal strengths and allowing you to develop yourself.

A unique opportunity!

We are interested in enthusiastic and talented people with a strong passion for data to support our highly qualified team (University Degree or higher).
Do you like to work with innovative technology on large datasets to extract business value for organizations like Shell, Unilever, Philips, ABN Amro, AkzoNobel or small and medium-sized enterprises? Do you have a strong interest in personal development? Do you want to share and benefit in the company’s success? Then this is your unique opportunity!

Working at DataLane you are challenged to use your analytical skills and solve complex data problems. Depending on the type of problem, different techniques like data visualization, machine learning, process mining, operations research and simply common sense must be leveraged.
Ideally, we work in diverse teams with a positive vibe. To deliver high quality results it is key to communicate clearly and manage customer expectations in order to understand their business and act according to their strategic goals. Get ready for a lot of fun combined with a steep learning curve due to your large responsibility in exciting customer projects.

Are you up for...

  • Taking the lead in advanced analytics projects, software implementation and business transformation programs in order to realize change for our (international) clients;
  • Developing yourself further in project execution, business case computation and leading executive meetings/presentations;
  • Adding a new skill to the team and/or taking further responsibilities in the development of DataLane as a company.
  • Process Mining Implementation Projects
    • Setting up continuous data connections between IT systems (SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and more…) and the Celonis Process Mining software, transforming data into process mining ready format using SQL and building dashboards in order to identify potential areas for process improvement across the organization;
    • Providing management level reports and presentations regarding process efficiency development and the success of implemented initiatives and improvement measures.
  • Growing and applying your know-how on Process Mining, predictive analytics, machine learning, AI and Operations Research models and methods to solve complex business related customer challenges;
    • Analyzing data structures, creating constructive data visualizations and building game changing mathematical models from scratch using programming languages like R and Python.

Are you and DataLane a match?

  • DataLane is visionary, dynamic and operates a flat hierarchy business model in which all employees benefit from success;
  • We put strong emphasis on personal responsibility in a flexible working environment for healthy work-life balance;
  • We aim for a continuous improvement environment to support personal- and business development;
  • We offer over 10 years business experience and 5 years of Process Mining expertise in business transformation programs for world leading enterprises;
  • We are preferred partner of Celonis, global market leader in Process Mining technology;
  • We are open to new ideas (best idea or combination of ideas wins) and believe that teamwork combined with creativity and perseverance will move mountains;
  • And no matter what we do, together we go all in and aim for the stars!


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