Value can be generated from data in many different ways. Whether this is done by SIMULATION of your data or by forecasting your future business, we provide practical and tailored solutions that exactly address your needs.

Using both machine learning and deep learning models we can discover inefficiencies and their root causes, streamline your processes, and reduce unnecessary work and costs.


Machines learn how to drive (sub-) processes themselves. Machines are figuring out where automation can help to accelerate and improve process efficiency.

Assess, Implement and monitor Automation in your processes

Optimize ticket processing by checking incoming tickets against previous resolution processes

Evaluate your automation rate regarding purchase order creation

Check incoming tickets against knowledge data base for automatic response generation

Natural Language Processing

NLP and text mining enables you to organize unstructured text documents e.g. free text orders or ITSM tickets. NLP enables you to increase the quality of your master data

Identify accounting errors or fraud

Categorize complex incoming tickets to speed up the time to solution

Identify potentials for Smart Form Templates by scanning free text orders

Automatically compare price indices on item level to identify negotiation potentials

Forecasting & Predictive

Forecasting based on neural networks containing all the relevant information sources. Predicting harmful scenarios by proactive prevention

Predict material sourcing to increase adherence of deliveries

Predict Budget amount that will be spent by the SCM department

Identify maintenance demand to avoid time and budget loss

Optimize resource planning by predicting the adherence to SLAs

Predict the workload associated with invoices based on seasonal changes, holidays, open POs etc.

Pattern Recognition

Many patterns repeat over time indicating process divergence, fraud and other harmful events. Algorithms discover such patterns which can be kept or eliminated by the user.

Identify root causes for manual goods receipt

Save time and money due to automated invoice pay recommendations

Automatically match invoices that can not directly be allocated to the PO Item

Detect non-reassigned approvals

Generate recommendations for e.g. supplier, contracting, pricing conditions

Pattern Recognition


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